sharing proud moments

a few highlights of our growth, achievements, and milestones.

2022, April: Hugh Cho reaching a professional milestone
2022, April: Arthur Li receives his NFRC Certificate
2021, November: Raising awareness for Movember
2021, November: Celebrating our 12th Year in business
2021, August: Announcing Tom Park to Engineering Link
2021, June: Jane Perez achieved the CanBIM Professional Certification
2020, November: Raising awareness for Movember
2020, February: 4 significant promotions ensuring continued growth
2017, September: Celebrating our 8th Year
2017, September: Project Partners add value
2014, November: Engineering Link moves to Adelaide
2014, September: Vlad Maleev joins Engineering Link
2012, April: Engineering Link growing
Engineering Link Incorporated 2015-10-7-